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Massage is Therapy.

Because of my own experience as a client, and as a therapist, I know massage is powerful therapy. It's because of my own experiences as a client that I became a massage therapist!

Informed, intuitive human touch and skilled technique can ease pain, reduce stress, speed recovery time and help a body and mind out of pain and get to a feeling of wellness and at ease. I study and work to hone my skills, to improve my intuition and to help clients feel better, allowing them to experience less stress and enjoy living in a body!


Massage is great for maintaining your health and sense of wellness too! Relaxing on a warm cozy table under the hands of a skilled therapist can enhance your mood, provide much needed rest and a sense of rejuvenation. (Because you are rejevenated after a good massage!)


Stress, in all forms, drag down the body-mind's ability to self regulate and keep healthy. Massage is an important "assist" you can give yourself to reduce stress, aid your body-mind in healing itself and improving your sense of self-care.

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